VR Machine Utilizes All 5 Senses, Full Sensory Immersion Rick Rolling Sure to Follow

by Mike Oakland

Resident geeks at Tokyo Metropolitan University’s Ikei Lab decided the possibilities presented by Smellovision were not quite diabolical enough and have created a virtual reality system that immerses all five of the user’s senses.

A representative from the lab on hand at the Digital Contents Expo in Odaiba, Tokyo says they hope the machine can be used to give “vicarious” experiences to users – for example, a traveler could record their European road trip for friends and family to experience as if they were really there, or those handicapped by some accident could relive the sensation of running with the help of the machine.

However, nefarious uses for the machine abound, from full-sensory Internet trolling to new and unique types of torture – even the most hardened terrorist is sure to buckle under the stress of having to see, taste and smell the Fred Durst sex tape.

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