China Hits Japan With Smog Blast

China’s Smog Blast attack on Japan this week has proved incredibly effective, resulting in a recommendation from the Environment Ministry to stay indoors on days in which the fine particulate air pollution is high.

Animations of the swirling, toxic-based attack drifting across the sea have flooded Japanese TV in the past week, leading to concerned viewers overloading the Environment Ministry’s website.

We don't have the budget of Japanese news channels, but this should give you some idea of what happened

Our graphic representation admittedly lacks the budget of Japanese news channels.

Japan’s PM2.5 levels (pollution particles smaller than 2.5mm) have risen from a relatively safe average of 20-30 micrograms per cubic metre to 60-70 in many western areas recently, coinciding with Beijing’s levels going “beyond index” or “crazy bad” as the U.S. Embassy’s official Twitter account once described it.

Any retaliation attack will have to account for the SmogCloak defence China currently has activated

Any retaliatory move by Japan will have to take into account the Smog Cloak defence activated by China

While holding back the urge to scream “Stop f***ing calling us!!” the Environment Ministry politely recommends that you don’t venture outside when levels are above 35mg per cubic metre. Use this handy guide to stay in and watch some Hulu or BBC iPlayer instead.

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