April Fools’ Day Pranks in Japan: “Save Points” in Shibuya Station, Pizza in a Can, and 48 New Red Bull Flavours

We didn’t bother with an April fools’ article on Tokyo Desu yesterday. To be frank, we’re simply not creative enough to think of something stranger than the majority of real news we post. When the deputy prime minister believes the elderly “should hurry up and die,” major celebrities are using children’s hands as bras, and underwear for phones is a product that sells out instantly, our puny human imaginations can’t compete.

Thankfully, many Japanese companies attempted to out-crazy the crazy with some outrageous announcements, earning themselves some free promotion and providing us with a few laughs. Here are our favourites:



Red Bull announced limited editions of their twitch enhancing medicine for every prefecture of Japan under a promotion titled “ARB48” (April Red Bull 48),  a spin on the popular girl band/cult AKB48. Flavours ranged from tofu to firefly squid and each one came adorned with its own individual can design.

Due to the metropolitan area’s ginkgo leaf symbol, Tokyo’s flavour was ginkgo nut. Anybody familiar with the “unique” scent of that particular tree probably just threw up a little in their mouth.

Shibuya “Save Points”


Final Fantasy fan site Intermezzo brought hope to all those who work in Tokyo by announcing “save points” to aid commuters in their quest through the labyrinth known as Shibuya Station. Now all it needs is fast travel facilities between platforms you’ve already “discovered” and a range of power ups to help you defeat evil salarymen travelling up the down stairs.

Pizza in a can


Domino’s Japan managed to temporarily erase the taste of ginkgo nut from our imaginary taste buds by announcing canned pizza for ¥401 a slice. An idea that actually makes more sense than their genuine Japan-only offering, Kobe Beef Pizza.



Shizuoka claimed to be changing its name to “Silent Hill Prefecture,” Nissin released a “cup pudding” dessert that works by adding water, and Au promoted a (possibly prophetic) smart phone bed named “zzzPhoneBed” with the brilliant picture above.

Source: Kotaku

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