Mr. Donut/Hello Kitty Collab Comes with Obligatory WTF Japanese TV Spot

by Mike Oakland

How do we put this in non-offensive terms? Hello Kitty kind of gets around, if you know what we mean.

Since 1972, Sanrio has been pimping out her likeness to just about anybody with a couple bucks and proof they’re not wearing a wire.

The famous kitty has collaborated with a wide and eccentric variety of brands, from The Ninja Turtles, to Grey Goose Vodka, to freakin’ AR-15 Rifle skins.

So, this Hello Kitty collaboration with Japanese donut chain Mr. Donut is actually one of the feline’s tamer and more logical recent brand collaborations.


Through the month of April only, Mr. Donut will sell a selection of Hello Kitty themed donuts and cupcakes, adorned with Kitty’s signature bow. That all sounds quite cute, but what new Japanese product launch would be complete without a slightly disturbing WTF TV commercial?

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