12 Crazy Things You Can Buy at Don Quijote: Part 2

The second part of our look at crazy things you can buy at Don Quijote. For part 1 click here.


Misshapen, Sulky Darth Maul

After seeing the sith lord battle Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace you can now watch him fight back the tears in your very own bedroom!


Black Man Underwear

We’re almost certain this is intended to be the Wonderbra of men’s underwear, which is pretty racist (positive racism is still racism, imagine an “Asian Man Calculator” elsewhere) but in that naive, almost child-like form of racism you often encounter in Japan.

There’s no offence intended, and with a range that includes “Poison”, “Fighter” and “Superstar”, it’s hard not to be won over by Black Man Underwear.

Fish and Almond

Fish & Almond

Not Japan’s classiest snack, but a reasonably popular one nonetheless. The fish look up at you with their gormless eyes, a lone sesame seed stuck to one side of their face, questioning why they’ve been placed in a package containing almonds. Was there some kind of categorisation mistake?

"Hey hun, looking for a good time?"

“Hey hun, looking for a good time?”

Perverted Pig-Trottered Boba Fett

Returning to the Star Wars theme is this lifesize Boba Fett costume, which would probably look quite impressive if it wasn’t for its suggestive stance and lack of footwear revealing trotters for feet. The addition of a cage and chains left us with a creeping suspicion that if you take him he’ll do perverse things to you while you sleep.

The perfect anniversary gift

The perfect anniversary gift

We Don’t Even Know

This guy is a famous Japanese comedian known as Egashira and, well, we don’t even know.

Click here for a typical example of Egashira “performing.”


Drinks Served by Singing, Dancing Girls in Maid Outfits

Yes, Donki even has its own maid cafe on the 5th floor of its Akihabara store. There’s also a small shop beside it selling souvenirs and paraphernalia. Creepy photography books and CDs of the girls singing monotonous pop songs in the voices of squeaky children seem to be the big sellers.

We actually went to a maid cafe recently (we’ll write about it soon). There was a man eating alone for his 37th birthday and when he shyly told the maids they stood him on a stage and sung while he clapped along awkwardly, smiling in a way that suggested he was incredibly embarrassed yet as happy as he was ever likely to be. It made us die a little inside.

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One thought on “12 Crazy Things You Can Buy at Don Quijote: Part 2

  1. I laughed harder than I should’ve at those Black Man underwear.
    Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that everybody sees a banana in your pocket.

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