The Strangest Games at the Tokyo Game Show

Akibastrip 2


Akiba’s Trip 2, playfully written as one word on the title screen, is the type of video game that could only come from Japan. A game in which you run around Akihabara, ripping the clothes off young girls before they can do the same to you.

There is a completely plausible storyline behind this, of course… You’ve been turned into a magaimono, a type of demon that is sensitive to sunlight, and on your quest to return to regular form you must battle other demons. The only way to do this is via “strip battles”: tearing off each other’s clothes in order to expose your opponent’s skin to the sun and reduce them to ashes. Makes perfect sense.

Akiba’s Trip is released in Japan on November 7th for Playstation 3 and PS Vita.

Kiss of Revenge

In this boyfriend simulator for psychopaths, players “choose between love and revenge,” i.e. kissing your lover or stabbing him to death with the knife hidden in your purse. The choice is yours!

Kiss of Revenge was just one of a number of unusual love games marketed by Voltage Inc., and is available for free on Google Play, where you can also read a more detailed/insane synopsis.

Octodad 2: Dadliest Catch

The sequel to 2011’s well-received Octodad sees players once again take on the role of an octopus undercover with a human family, attempting to complete banal tasks with his giant, cumbersome tentacles.

Produced by a group of students at DePaul university, Dadliest Catch will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Playstation 4 in 2014.


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