The Weirdest Casual Clothes on Sale at the Tokyo Game Show

Serious gamers can get their hands on cosplay gear and thousand-dollar toys at the Tokyo Game Show, but for the less committed geek, there is also tons of casual wear available on the cheap. Here are the top weirdest casual clothes we found for sale while making our rounds at TGS:

Medieval Armor Hoodie

The medieval armor hoodie lets you somewhat closely approximate the look of a medieval knight even if you’re too lazy to take complex blacksmithing classes and spend thousands on ringmail. The two drawbacks here are that it does nothing to protect against dragon attacks and also makes you look like a home invader.

IMG_8161 IMG_8168

Resident Evil “Hunk Model” Umbrella Corp. Hoodie

The Umbrella Corp. hoodie is the next in a baffling Japanese fashion trend of hoodies that zip all the way up over your entire face, but this one remedies the obvious design flaw of completely obscuring your vision by offering red-tinted sight windows. It’s designed to replicate the look of a be-masked Umbrella Corp. zombie containment specialist or, in the eyes of airport security just about anywhere in the world, a dangerous terrorist.

IMG_8174 IMG_8175

Mega Man Head Piece and Gun Arm

We don’t really have anything negative or funny to say about this one. It may well have been one of the coolest affordable pieces of merch at the entire show. The bright colors ensure you’ll only get weird looks from strangers rather than being shot on sight as in the above two examples. The costume also lets you experience all the real everyday inconveniences of being one of the myriad characters with a gun instead of an arm.

If you have male children and do not purchase this costume for them, you are automatically a bad parent.

Here, NES-era Game Cover Mega Man's true identity has been blurred to protect him from angry nerds.

Here, NES-era Game Cover Mega Man’s true identity has been blurred to protect him from angry nerds.


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