Tokyo Game Show Proves PS Vita Isn’t Just a Remote Control For A 1980’s Television You Don’t Own

By George Art Baker

You may occasionally have noticed your PS Vita, peering round corners in your house, complaining that you never play with him any more and helping you find your keys before flooring you with a sassy put-down. Frankly there just haven’t been enough games for the PS Vita to warrant buying it, but judging by the titles on display at the Tokyo Game Show that could be about to change.

Here’s our top 3:

3. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash

(release date: 26/9/13)

Despite possessing one of the most negligible titles in recent memory we were really impressed by this game. And it is a game – despite boasting more soliloquies than Patrick Stewart on champagne, you could be easily forgiven for thinking this was just an anime (the trailer also does little to dispel that thought).

Boasting horses, archetypal voluptuous anime girls, tanks, villainy, giant mecha-robots and jaw dropping visuals, this is a title that we guarantee will make you miss more train stops than you thought possible…. just don’t blame us.

Here’s a typical Japanese trailer featuring lots of introductions and tentative glimpses of big tanks!

2. Atelier Rorona

(release date – 21/11/13)

A magical girl RPG remake that has alluring graphics and a relaxed utopian vibe about it. You play Rorona, a young alchemist who picks up “magical grass” while listening to upbeat music so inoffensive it makes Mario Sunshine‘s OST sound like satirical heavy metal band GWAR. It’s a colourful, absorbing RPG adventure of the kind the VITA’s been sorely lacking.

Here’s some in-game footage from the PS3:

1. God Eater 2

(release date: 14/11/13)

Monster Hunter is the game that’s probably caused more otaku spatial-awareness accidents than any other, but the Vita hasn’t had anything available that packs quite the same punch. Enter God Eater 2, it’s got juicy graphics, cool bludgeoning tools and is even rumoured to have a storyline!


With a giant monster and two gun-sword carrying booth babes, this game was impossible to miss at the game show.

Also highly recommended are: feudal-whack-a-brotha-with-a-sword epic Dynasty Warriors Extreme, unpronounceable high school murder mystery Danganronpa 1.2 and the vampire-schoolgirl-panty-tearing-off ‘Akiba’s Trip 2‘, included in our round-up of the strangest games at the show.

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