This Giant Inflatable Bean is Actually a Concert Hall


The world’s first inflatable concert hall was revealed in Matsushima this week, where it will host its first concert on Friday before beginning a tour of areas devastated by the March 11th earthquake.

We like to imagine the giant bean-shaped inflatable, named Ark Nova, simply bouncing around Northeastern Japan but it’s made from a single skin membrane that can be inflated and deflated for easy transport.

British sculptor Amish Kapoor, who worked on the project with Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, explains: “We felt that the site in Matsushima, amidst the destruction of the tsunami, needed a temporary structure and an inflatable seemed to be appropriate.”

The interior of the concert hall will measure 30m by 36m, allowing for 500 guests seated on chairs made from tsunami-damaged cedar trees.

Here are some more pictures, from Lucerne Festival’s official website


Ark_nova_lucerne_festival Ark_nova_lucerne_festival4

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