Pictures: Schoolboy’s Textbook Doodles are Spectacular

A Japanese high school student has taken to modifying illustrations from his English textbooks and posting them on his Twitter page. Rather than just drawing a moustache or buck teeth like most kids/members of the TokyoDesu team, Chanta makes detailed adjustments that would actually cause readers to do a double-take.

First, here’s a couple of before and after pictures where we can see exactly what he’s changed:

The actual picture in the textbook

The actual picture in the textbook

Improved illustration

And… the improved illustration

Family enjoying a meal

Just a family enjoying a meal


That’s better


Then manga-fied

And here’s some more of his finished products:


TB_walk_dog TB motorbike TB punch through chest TB_hoover TB_pokemon TB_sword_FIGHT


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Via: Kotaku

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