Town Responsible for Annual Mass Dolphin Slaughter to Open Marine Park

Wakayama Prefecture’s town of Taiji, the town that rocketed to infamy after the activist documentary The Cove depicted the brutality of its annual dolphin slaughter festival, says it will open a new marine park in the next five years.

Taiji officials say the park will feature a roped off section of bay where visitors can swim with dolphins in the summertime.


On the plus side, with all those swimmers in the water, the park may provide the perfect opportunity for the dolphins to exact their revenge.
(Via Shutterstock)

Despite pressure, both internationally and from within Japan, to shut down the yearly dolphin slaughter, Taiji officials defiantly announced that rather than a measure to appease conservationists, the marine park is part of a plan to sustain the practice.

Perhaps the park is an attempt to pre-corral the dolphins so the (unsurprisingly) aging population can more easily engage in the dolphin slaughter without becoming distressed or risking arthritis flare ups.

Source: JapanToday

Feature Image: Shutterstock

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