BK Black Ninja Burger Stealthily Clogs Your Arteries


What does a squid-ink bun, a huge thick-cut slice of bacon, a hashed brown and a big burger patty have in common with ninjas? Nothing, except for Burger King’s newest “Black Ninja Burger,” available for a limited time at BK Japan locations.

The new burger is obviously bad for you, which might explain why the chain is equating it with ninjas, who are universally known to be harbingers of bad news. It’s also a little baffling how the bacon strip just unceremoniously, and totally un-stealthily, just flops out of the sides of the burger.

We presume they felt the need to specify the burger is a “black ninja” because Mortal Kombat and G.I. Joe have proven the existence of white, blue, green and even yellow ninjas.

It goes on sale October 25, just in time for Halloween, and will set you back nearly US$7, because squid ink apparently doesn’t come cheap.

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