Pictures: Typhoon Wipha

Last night and this morning the eastern coast of Japan was hit by Typhoon Wipha, the biggest storm the region had seen since October 2004. Here’s what happened:

This cat waited in trepidation:

This cat wait with baited breath (pic)

(pic: @cat1105)

Yokosuka was hit just before Tokyo:

Yokosuka was hit just before the typhoon reached Tokyo (pic:

(pic: @anthonywx)

When it reached the capital, shops became flooded:

Driving conditions got pretty rough, leading to warnings from the fire department:

Driving conditions got pretty rough (pic:

(pic: @Tokyo_Fire_D)

Train-driving conditions weren’t much better either:

Train-driving conditions weren't much better either (pic:

(pic: @itm_nlab)

Even transferring between trains proved difficult at some stations:

And very difficult in others:

Prompting comparisons to Pokemon:

Some people struggled with umbrellas:

While others made the most of it and headed to an empty Disney Sea:

Wipha left a lot of destruction in its wake:

But also some beauty:

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