Weird Liquid Lets You Use Your Smartphone with Gloves On

Since the dawn of humanity, man has struggled to use his smartphone effectively with gloves on.

Sure, you could use fingerless gloves for a simple solution, but this leaves your precious fingertips cold and exposed to the elements. There are also a lot of gimmicky glove companies hoping to cash in by offering “smartphone gloves” – which appear to just be regular gloves with some weird technobabble on the packaging – but these are expensive and you need to buy at least a half dozen pairs to complement your various winter wardrobes.


Thank God, there is now a mysterious miracle liquid from a Japanese manufacturer that lets you use your smartphone with gloves on, keeping your hands toasty warm without the risk of missing out on pictures of what your distant second cousin had for dinner.

We have no idea how it works – probably it’s just regular water with some voodoo hex on it – but the manufacturer is confident it will bestow any old glove with miraculous smartphone compatibility.

Via: AkihbaraNews

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