Pictures: There is a Japanese ASCII Emoticon for Literally Any Situation

You think your smiley faces are cutting it? Think again. Japanese ASCII emoticons are so bizarrely detailed and specific, you really don’t even need to use words anymore.

First, here’s somewhat worried but also a little disappointed.

ScreenHunter_228 Oct. 25 12.11

Here’s “I want to broach a sensitive topic, but I’m not sure how.”

ScreenHunter_232 Oct. 25 12.46

How about, “I’m taking a smoke break, but I’m also a little sleepy, so I’ll get back to you later.”

ScreenHunter_244 Oct. 25 18.02

Or, “I’m having an adult beverage while pondering my circumstances and the world at large.”

ScreenHunter_235 Oct. 25 12.55

And, “I just saw a Buzzfeed post about food,” or “I’m looking at porn. Give me a second, please.”

ScreenHunter_226 Oct. 25 12.08

Also, “I’ll be in touch later. I just walked in on my parents having sex and need to go to the therapist.”

ScreenHunter_245 Oct. 25 18.03

As well as, “This is so hilarious and/or disturbing, milk just rocketed out of my nose.”

ScreenHunter_224 Oct. 25 12.06

Of course, if the situation calls for it, there’s: “I’ve just been kicked in the mouth by a rampaging Street Fighter character.”

ScreenHunter_233 Oct. 25 12.47

And then there’s, “Chilling with a talking dog. You?”

ScreenHunter_234 Oct. 25 12.49

“I’m so sorry!”

ScreenHunter_247 Oct. 25 18.05

If necessary, you can use, “I swear to God if you tell anyone I’m selling crystal meth to finance my car wash business, I will murder you.”

ScreenHunter_246 Oct. 25 18.04

And there’s always, “My head just literally popped right off. That’s how unbelievable that cat .gif was.”

ScreenHunter_237 Oct. 25 16.02

Or, if you need to, “I’m eating all the food there possibly is to eat. Angrily.”

ScreenHunter_236 Oct. 25 16.01

And, of course, the nuclear option: “Sorry I can’t get back to you, I’m chilling with Spiderman by the river.”

ScreenHunter_225 Oct. 25 12.07

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