NeuroCam Reads Brainwaves, Records Only What You Show Interest in


Japan is home to a lot of cool technology (read: robots). While America tends to focus its technological prowess on weapons and surveillance tech, Japan often goes the opposite direction with super positive, albeit often mostly useless, gadgets and inventions.

Enter the NeuroCam, a wearable camera that taps into your iPhone and reads your brainwaves (okay, that’s a little nefarious), then records only the things you show above a 60% interest in. We’re not sure how the algorithm arrives at the number 60% and we’re not sure we want to know (brain nanomachines).

This actually has a lot of practical uses. For example, you could wear the camera during a vacation and let the machine take photos for you, so you don’t have to feel removed from all the great experiences you’ll be having. Men should just be sure to remove themselves from the presence of any attractive women beforehand lest your iPhone’s hard drive be overwhelmed with 5 second clips of butts.

Here’s a video that explains the machine in more detail:

Photo via official website

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