Freshness Burger’s “Liberation Wrapper” Lets You Enjoy Burgers Like a Real Woman

ScreenHunter_252 Nov. 07 15.48

Even though the Japanese love hamburgers just as much as the residents of the next first world country – which is to say, Japanese people goddamn adore hamburgers – they tend to be much more dainty about how they eat their artery clogging grease lump of choice.

Unlike Americans who will happily cram burgers down their gullets barehanded until they literally die from a heart attack, the Japanese enjoy their burgers with adorable wax paper burger diapers, served ubiquitously at fast food chains.

While the diapers prevent any spillage of ingredients while you’re eating, women are still faced with the problem of everyone else in the restaurant seeing them opening wide to take a bite. That’s because women opening their mouths too wide in public is considered both rude and ugly in Japan, and women will go to great lengths to avoid exposing their teeth and making all the Japanese guys in the room queasy.

Oh god, it's horrible!

Oh god, it’s horrible!
(Via Shutterstock)

Luckily, popular burger chain Freshness Burger has introduced the “Liberation Wrapper” – an oversized burger diaper with a cute face painted on it so women can clandestinely mow down and finish their burgers in two enormous bites without even tasting it, like the good lord intended.

ScreenHunter_253 Nov. 07 15.48 ScreenHunter_254 Nov. 07 15.48

Photos via Youtube

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