Family Makes ¥3 Million by Selling Forged Celebrity Signatures

Since the advent of camera phones and the ability to snap pictures with any celebrity you meet, we were under the belief that autographs had been consigned to the scrapheap of anachronistic cultural phenomena, along with encyclopedias and recording your favourite songs from the radio. Apparently not though, as one family in Oita proved this week.

As soon as the DJ stops talking... (pic: Shutterstock)

As soon as the DJ stops talking… (pic: Shutterstock)

The trio, consisting of a divorced couple and their 20-year-old daughter, raised roughly ¥3 million ($30,000) from selling merchandise with forged signatures over the past year. Police estimate 3,700 fraudulently advertised items were sold by the family via online auctions to people with questionable valuation skills.

One victim of the scheme, for example, was a female in Kanagawa who paid ¥8,340 ($84) for what she believed to be the signatures of boyband Arashi.

Via: Japan Today

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