Tokyo’s Travel Agency for Stuffed Toys


Unagi Travel, based in Tokyo, isn’t your average travel agency. Described as “Japan Travel Agency for Stuffed Animals,” they run tours solely for furry inanimate objects. Clients package and send their toys to Asakusa, then check Facebook for daily updates and pictures of them having fun on their travels.

The company is run by Sonoe Azuma, a 38-year-old woman who got the idea for a business after her stuffed eel’s travel blog became unexpectedly popular online. She says over 200 plush toys on vacation with her over the past three years and many of them are repeat customers.

Package options include a hot springs excursion for $55 or a tour of Tokyo for $45. A picture of a blindfolded teddy on a plane is also used to promote a “Mystery Tour” beginning in late November.

Insurance is offered up to the value of $100, but the agency promises they will make sure your animal is “Not injured or kidnapped.”

Here are some pictures of previous tours, taken from Unagi Travel’s official website and Tumblr.

tumblr_mnnypi5J0m1r7f05wo1_500 bear buddha gates head odaiba tumblr_mfzuvtfoYL1r7f05wo1_500 tumblr_mha4j1YY751r7f05wo1_500 tumblr_mi07vu3Hx11r7f05wo1_500 tumblr_mlapk6aXBO1r7f05wo1_500 tumblr_mm9feb2Wku1r7f05wo1_500bridge

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