Gay Man Brings Straight Man to Climax… on National Television

First of all: Apologies for the “gotcha!” headline. While this is technically a clip of a gay man bringing a straight man to climax in a weird nationally televised Japanese game show, it only aired on a special erotic channel you have to specifically ask your cable provider for – kind of like Cinemax back in the states.

All the trappings of your standard porn are there: slightly awkward, implausible setup (including a cringe-inducing business card exchange), laughably low budget set, tons of horrible slurping sound effects; albeit while ultimately remaining just barely SFW.

While we here at TokyoDesu believe in giving you the full story despite salacious headlines, western news outlets like the HuffingtonPost have latched onto this story and are delivering it as though this is standard Japanese programming you’d watch with grandma and the kids. We can assure you this is most definitely not the case, and we assume HuffPo fact checkers just couldn’t summon the courage to surf gay porn sites to verify the video’s origins.

Meanwhile, on regular Japanese TV, ordinary food brings respected celebrities to climax every day:

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