Starbucks in Shimokitazawa to Begin Selling Alcohol

Now convenience stores have begun to offer cheap freshly-brewed coffee, Starbucks are rightly worried about loosening their grip on the Japanese market they seemed to have conquered. Their answer to this problem? A new concept line of cafes that offer something different from the usual experience.

One of these outlets, located in Shimokitazawa, will sell beer and wine each day after noon, and baristas will be encouraged to wear their own clothes to create a more casual atmosphere. If any Starbucks managers happen to be reading, Tokyo Desu would like to suggest dressing employees in full-body fleece suits to add to the relaxed ambience. And probably treble job applications.

Why anybody in a city crammed with fantastic bars would want to go to Starbucks to pay ¥650 ($6.50) for beer is beyond us, but apparently the venture has already had some success in Spain and regions of the US. For anybody who’s interested, the outlet will be open from 9am-10pm Sunday to Thursday and until 11pm on Friday on Saturday.

Source: Shimokitazawa Keizai Shimbun via RocketNews24

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