DIY Lego Akira Bike is a Thing of Beauty

Kaneda’s awesome bike from the legendary 1988 anime Akira is one of the most iconic motorcycles in pop culture history.

Its sleek, fighter jet-like design, apple red paint scheme and haphazard logo stickers make the bike stand out in fan’s minds, and the badass bike was such a significant part of Akira’s story that it landed a major place in the equally-iconic film poster that ubiquitously adorns the walls of college students everywhere – right next to Che Guevera and Bob Marley.

ScreenHunter_155 Dec. 07 17.08


ScreenHunter_156 Dec. 07 17.09 ScreenHunter_157 Dec. 07 17.09

Now, through the miracle of Lego building blocks, Lego enthusiasts The Arvo Brothers – who must just be swimming in Legos – made this picture-perfect model of Kaneda’s bike using only commercially available Lego play sets.

The Arvo Brothers will be releasing a detailed instruction manual on how to build your own Kaneda bike. We can only hope that a “Hideous Blob Tetsuo” Lego model will be next.

ScreenHunter_158 Dec. 07 17.15

If Lego will make a Jar Jar Binks Lego Guy, anything could happen.

 You can find the online instructions here from Dec. 14:

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