Japanese Old People: “Kids these days…,” Japanese Kids: “Old people these days…”

According to two recent surveys conducted by My Navi News and Shukan Josei, younger generations in Japan are becoming increasingly fed-up with the rude behavior of the elderly.

The My Navi News survey asked young respondents to list certain displays of bad manners they thought the elderly were more guilty of showing than younger generations, with the following results:

–          Spitting in public

–          Tossing cigarette butts on the street

–          Rushing or jostling for open train seats

–          Loudly talking on cell phones in quiet places (trains, buses, cafes)

–          Cutting in line for public transport


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On the other hand, Shukan Josei asked readers to submit anecdotes of old people behaving badly.  Users related stories of the elderly placing shopping bags on open train seats and refusing to move them, older women misusing the cry of “Chikan!” (pervert) to clear space for themselves (which can have serious legal repercussions for the innocent man implicated),  and even elderly men openly proclaiming they keep a knife on their person at all times.

Some public figures have opined that increased aggression in the elderly is due to all the newfangled devices and high-tech services available with flashy lights and loud noises that confuse and bedazzle elderly brains, causing them to become irritable.


We believe said figures may be confusing the elderly with domesticated chimps.
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We at TokyoDesu – ever leery of those shifty-eyed geriatrics – have previously covered several instances of less than savory pensioner antics, which you can peruse in case you still weren’t unnerved to hear the sound of a creaky walker in a dark alley.

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Source: JapanToday

One thought on “Japanese Old People: “Kids these days…,” Japanese Kids: “Old people these days…”

  1. That’s an usual old story from Egyptian Era, an arch eologist found the same sentence when he
    first read the hieroglyph document on the obelisk, saying “I can not understaod those youngsters of nowadays.”

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