Japan’s 3 Most Googled TV Commercials of 2013

Japan’s most Googled TV commercial of 2013 (in Japanese) was for Dororich, an ice cream advertisement with hot cheerleaders, and all of their parts, bouncing up and down in slow motion (I guess we’ll know where all our clicks going to YouTube come from today).


Chain restaurant Gusto was second with their summer menu advertisement, featuring AKB48’s Fukuoka sister group HKT48. In July, group member Rino Sashihara was also named honorary manager of Gusto’s Showa-dori outlet in Akihabara.


Third place was this commercial for Mushuda, an odourless insect repellent for closets. In the commercial, pop star Ai Takahashi excitedly sings to a socially awkward green bear.


Those wondering where all the Japanese craziness is will be relieved to hear the tenth spot went to a controversially erotic mushroom ad (that’s more like it, Japan).

In the commercial, a man attired in mushroom-themed clothing and mushroom earrings whispers in the ear of a shopping woman, asking her if she’d like his “splendid mushroom,” before grabbing her hand and… well, you can watch for yourself.


Google also released data regarding Japan’s most Googled people of 2013. Click here for our guide.

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