Tokyo Desu’s Ten Most Popular Posts of 2013

Elsewhere, 2013 may have been the year of a new Pope, a British royal baby and the NSA, but on Tokyo Desu it was all about sushi cats, a mascot named Fukuppy and nonsensical kanji tattoos.

Counting down from number ten, here are our most viewed posts of 2013. Click the header to read the whole story:

10. AKB48 Member Poses Topless With Small Boy Fondling Her Breasts

The most bizarre PR decision of 2013 snuck into the list at number ten. The photoshopped versions of the picture that later went viral were also our 12th most popular post of the year.

9. Video: Time-Manipulating Dance Video Can’t be Watched Just Once

It really couldn’t.

8. Pictures: Confused Cats Dressed as Sushi in Bizarre Promotion


Those ancient, mystical creatures from another dimension, the Sushi Cats, were eighth.

7. 12 Crazy Things You Can Buy in a Japanese Convenience Store

Divided into Part 1 and Part 2, this was the first in a series about Japanese products that we hope to add to again soon. Also popular was the article on our favourite shop in Japan: 12 Crazy Things You Can Buy in Don Quixote.

6. Meet “Fukuppy”: The Unfortunately-Named New Mascot of Fukushima Industries

"Nice to meet you" I'm Fukuppy!"

“Nice to meet you” I’m Fukuppy!”

A couple of days after we posted this story, the international media got hold of it and Fukuppy was soon removed as the mascot of Fukushima Industries. We wish him well in this difficult job market.

5. Pictures: Why the Japanese Call Twitter “Idiot Finder”

Is it because Japan has futuristic phone apps that measure IQ levels simply by taking pictures of people? Find out in this post.

4. Pictures: A Japanese Penis Festival


The gallery of our visit to the Kanamara Matsuri, known among Tokyo’s foreign residents as the Penis Festival, is responsible for the cesspool of terms people have typed into search engines to find Tokyo Desu. “Pitchers of penises” is perhaps the most visceral.

3. Ex-Wrestler & Battle Royale Star Elected, Other Politicians Weep in Fear

Despite no mention of cats, this story found itself on the front page of popular BBS site Reddit and resulted in the highest number of views we’ve had in a single day.

One of the politicians mentioned, Battle Royale‘s Taro Yamamoto, was also Japan’s sixth most Googled person this year.

2. Pictures: Schoolboy’s Textbook Doodles are Spectacular

Improved illustration

Second place went to a series of brilliant textbook alterations by a Japanese student named Chanta, who has since added many more drawings to his Twitter profile.

The story was later picked up by Buzzfeed, who credited us as “Toyko Desu,” but we were grateful all the same…

1. Pictures: Terrible Kanji Tattoos With Their English Translations

With 650,000 views, a collection of awful, nonsensical kanji tattoos was our most popular post of 2013. Enjoy the pictures but don’t venture into the comments section, only confusion awaits down there.

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