Pictures: “Spirited Away” Painstakingly Recreated on Video Game

Two fans of the Ghibli movie “Spirited Away” have spent months lovingly recreating its locations on the popular sandbox game Minecraft, allowing players to wander around the ghost town, bath house, swamp and more.

The map was constructed by animator Alan Becker and an Urban Geography student from the University of Washington whose blog can be found here. Both were showered in gratitude after posting these pictures on Reddit, where the second most popular comment was “now go do howl’s moving castle, i shall await your return.”

Xe9mc4F 2 bathing area 3 beginning entrance 4 clock tower 5 entrance to ghost town 6 ghost town 7 ghost town 2 8 front garden 9 boiler room 10 pig farm 11 swamp 12 zenibas cottage


To see it in action, here’s the first part of a video guide:

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