Japanese Anti-Piracy Mascots Now Available as Cool Action Figures

It’s a well-known fact that, when faced with public relations or marketing dilemmas, 99.99% of Japanese companies create a cute mascot to solve the problem.

So naturally, this is how the Japan Motion Picture Association tackled the issue of film piracy. The resulting character, a robot-dancing thief with a huge camera for a head, has proven wildly popular with theatergoers.

Perhaps the character’s popularity can be attributed to how horrible he is at his job of illegally filming movies in a theater, making him more of an adorable underdog than a nefarious goon. His excruciatingly obvious giant camera head and wild gesticulating throughout the shows he films means not only is he almost guaranteed to get caught, but his illegal rips are practically unwatchable (note how he’s constantly adjusting the focus ring for no reason).

The mascot – who gets arrested at the end of each of the JMPA’s videos – also brings an important human right issue into the light: are you any less entitled to the joys of the movie theater experience just because your head is a giant camera?

Questions of why Camera Head Man is so popular aside, famous Japanese toy manufacturer, Bandai, has decided to capitalize on the phenom with a premium set of Camera Head Man (and arch-nemesis Patrol Lamp Guy) action figures:


camerahead2 camerahead3 camerahead4 camerahead5

Bandai apparently has a lot of confidence in the demand for these, by the way, because a set goes for the tidy sum of 3,024 (approx. USD30), with each figure clocking in at a paltry 2 inches tall.

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