Finally, the Sad Keanu Action Figure You Never Knew You Were Waiting for

It’s said that Sad Keanu, like love, is one of those things in life that only comes to you after you’ve stopped looking for it. So it’s great that we’d finally started to forget about the beloved meme, because now we have this brilliant Sad Keanu toy from Japanese toy builder idk to make us fall in love with him all over again.


Also, we’re sorry we misled you with the headline, but “action figure” is kind of a misnomer – since Sad Keanu the toy is actually made out of whatever super fragile polymer 3D printers use, you can’t pose it and it’s probably liable to shatter if you look at it wrong or accidentally face it east or something.

Still, owning one – and hopefully a collection of other toys – is sure to bring hours of fun putting Sad Keanu in awkward situations like the original artist did. The big question now is: How long before Hentai Woody finds out Sad Keanu the toy is having a vulnerable moment?

keanu2 keanu3 keanu4 keanu5

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