“Mouth-Watering” Japanese Reporter Could End Thai Political Violence with Handsomeness

A Japanese reporter on location in Thailand covering that country’s recent political violence and who is said to be quite easy on the eyes may actually be having some effect in curbing the strife, according to a feature on the reporter written by The Bangkok Post.

ScreenHunter_175 Feb. 04 13.59

Thai netizens – particularly those of the female persuasion – are apparently going gaga over 20-something reporter Daijiro Enami. His handsomeness is described as mesmerizing and belligerents on both sides of the conflict are allegedly enamored enough by Enami that they’re interrupting their political rabble-rousing to pose for pictures.

Enami even interviewed the anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban. We don’t speak Thai so we’re not entirely sure what’s being said, but we’re certain it involves a lot of Thaugsuban stumbling over his words and struggling to put a sentence together while he stares deeply into Enami’s eyes.

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