Robocop Participates in Buddhist Ritual, Pelts Innocent People with Beans

As part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming Hollywood remake of Robocop, the cyborg peacekeeper himself was sent to the popular Shibamata Taishakuten temple in Tokyo to participate in a ritual celebrating the Setsubun holiday on Monday.

ScreenHunter_176 Feb. 06 17.28

For a few hours, Robocop greeted terrified elderly people and participated in the Setsubun ritual of throwing uncooked beans into the crowd, a symbolic gesture meant to ward off demons.

As the Asian market is becoming a more and more important territory for Hollywood, it’s no surprise that Robocop was making the rounds in Tokyo, although the fact that he didn’t once say, “Come quietly or there will be… trouble,” or violently murder any of the people dressed as demons kind of just proves this remake is going to suck.

Setsubun, in case you’ve never heard of it, is a holiday in Japan that kids get excited about because they get to hurl uncooked beans all over the house and eat giant maki sushi rolls for dinner. Despite its religious significance, it’s one of the few holidays people don’t get the day off work for, meaning it’s apparently less important than “Exercise Day” and “Beach Day.”

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