Indifferent Woman in Gorilla Costume “Escapes” from Ueno Zoo

As Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo “simulated” an emergency situation in which various dangerous animals escape from cages following an earthquake, Tokyoites in the area were treated to a display of a woman dressed as the world’s most indifferent gorilla impotently wandering around outside the zoo until emergency responders subdued her with simulated tranquilizers.

ScreenHunter_180 Feb. 08 19.48

A lot of area zoos actually go through this process once or twice a year to make sure staff don’t get rusty in case of an actual emergency, but we can’t possibly picture zookeepers – who are obviously intimately familiar with the types of animals kept in zoos – able to suspend disbelief enough to take the training seriously when the “dangerous escaped animal” is a man-sized gorilla that looks somewhere between bored and slightly worried that her gorilla husband will be mad at her for causing so much trouble.

No, odds are the zoo could have saved a lot of money and had just as effective training by having zookeepers chase a guy in a red shirt around, and the silly costume is most likely a bid by the Ueno Zoo to introduce a new “yurukyara” to promote the facility.

ScreenHunter_177 Feb. 08 19.47 ScreenHunter_179 Feb. 08 19.48 ScreenHunter_178 Feb. 08 19.48

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