Video: Touching Japanese Commercial Advertises Unexpected Product

It seems pretty easy to come up with a really touching advertisement for certain types of products. Take Valentine’s Day (today, by the way!) gifts, for example: Throw in some piano music, maybe a little violin, a soft-edge vignette like you’re watching through your own welling tears and you’ve pretty much got a solid Facebook share-fodder ad for diamond rings or chocolate hearts or something.

ScreenHunter_182 Feb. 13 15.13

Of course, there are some products where this type of advertisement is difficult or even off-limits. Anything regarding feminine hygiene, cars, toothpaste, power tools, male hygiene products, etc. require a certain angle to appeal to something other than people’s heart strings.

Notice, however, we didn’t include condoms in the above list….

This commercial advertising the “world’s thinnest condoms” (which is, admittedly, several years old) sees two distant lovers speaking briefly on the phone, then running an almost unbelievable distance – around 630 miles – towards each other to meet in the middle. During filming, people were able to track their locations online and it was only when the final scene was broadcast live that the product being advertised was revealed. We also noticed several other disturbing facts about the ad:

1) The guy and girl talking on the phone in the beginning must have been having a conversation along the lines of, “Hey, do you want to have sex, like, soon-ish?” “Yeah, totally! On my way!”

2) One or both of them was too broke or too cheap to just get the train or a bus.

3) The official “Distance of Love,” according to the condom manufacturer Sagami, is .02 millimeters, or approximately the distance between his penis and her vagina during intercourse while wearing a Sagami Origami condom.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

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