Tokyo Model Busted for Trying to Steal Curtains

A Tokyo-based fashion model, who goes by the stage name Anri Takeda because she – no joke – wanted people to think she was descended from a feudal warlord, was caught in early February trying to lift curtains from a moderately upscale interior goods retailer.

ScreenHunter_186 Feb. 19 18.42

We say “trying to” because obviously Takeda failed miserably and was caught by store staff before she could even get out the door. We presume this is because trying to steal something as obvious and unwieldy as curtains from an interior goods store is kind of like trying to steal a king size bed from a guy’s house party, when there are plenty of good Playstation 3 games just lying around; it’s just not the wisest choice, is what we’re saying.

Reports are mum on how Takeda attempted to spirit the curtains out of the store, so we assume she just draped them around her like a cape and hoped no one would notice. If this is truly how she attempted the theft, we can’t blame her, because, being a Tokyo fashion model, we’re certain she’s probably been told to wear curtains at legitimate photo shoots before.

The perfect disguise!

The perfect disguise!
(Via Shutterstock)

The arrest of Takeda – whose real name is Chihiro Suzuki – also had the inconvenient side effect of outing her real name to the public, revealing a double whammy of deceit that’s rankled former fans. We’re guessing Takeda’s career going forward is set to take on a decidedly porn-related tack…

Takeda photo via: this weird Youtube video


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