“Scary” Tattoo Ban is Nail in the Coffin for Zushi Beach Partyers

A plethora of new rules and regulations for use of Zushi City’s popular Zushi Beach will take effect this March, as the city attempts to curb complaints from residents that the city’s “morals” are in danger if people don’t stop having fun immediately.

"Ah, now this is my kind of party."  (Via Shutterstock)

“Ah, now this is my kind of party.”
(Via Shutterstock)

Among new, heavy restrictions on when and where beach-goers can drink alcohol is also a broad ban on “scary” tattoos, that the city council is yet to define specifically, except to say that full-body tattoos and arm “sleeves” are no good. This news may have the largest impact on American service members stationed at Yokosuka Naval Base just a ten minute train ride from the beach.

This year, already-tattooed military members will need to resign themselves to attending beach parties in long pants and Christmas sweaters, while non-tattooed servicemen mulling some ink will be forced to settle for a tasteful butterfly on the small of their back.

Title photo via Shutterstock

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