“Transparent Toilet” Sensor Issues Might Inadvertently Flash Your Genitals at People

An Oita City public restroom that transitions from transparent to opaque glass when a sensor picks up the presence of an occupant is being, erm… exposed in the media for technical glitches that cause the smoked glass to go back to transparent even when someone is still inside. 


The glitch apparently stems from the fact that the sensor will lower the opacity of the glass if there’s no movement for 35 seconds, which means if you’re planning on going “big potty” in this public restroom, you’ll have to prepare to engage in some mid-poo interpretive dance or risk passersby getting an eyeful.


On the other hand, the one-person stall lends itself perfectly to any normally private activity involving constant movement. You know, like masturbating. 

Given the stall’s Superman phonebooth-esque design, we’d love to see TokyoDesu friend Ladybeard use it to go from mild-mannered foreigner to ass-kicking schoolgirl. 



Via Kotaku

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