Unable to Film Controversial Flight Attendant Miniskirts, Reporter Resorts to Childish Drawings

In what is perhaps the first solid evidence that the Japanese news media is slowly succumbing to the same mind-numbing 24-hour news cycle desperation that led to CNN’s weird holograms and basically everything you see on Fox News, Japan’s FNN News resorted to childish, amateur sketches when it couldn’t obtain permission from budget carrier Skymark to film flight attendants wearing the carrier’s recently rolled-out – and controversial – miniskirt uniforms.

The result is an awkward, minute-long segment featuring oddly proportioned, Picasso-esque approximations of women that appear to have been colored-in by the reporter’s five year-old daughter:

ScreenHunter_222 Apr. 02 18.39 ScreenHunter_223 Apr. 02 18.40 ScreenHunter_224 Apr. 02 18.40 ScreenHunter_225 Apr. 02 18.40

Video here:

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