Apocalyptic Scenes as Simulation Depicts Shibuya Crossing if Everyone Used Phones While Walking

We’ve mentioned before that 77% of Japanese people believe phone use while walking should be banned, but now Docomo have provided infallible scientific evidence that doing so is the most dangerous thing since slicing your own bread: A simulation where everybody uses their phone while strolling through Shibuya crossing.



The start of the video explains that the average Japanese height and weight has been used (160.3cm, 58.8kg), with each person walking at either 3, 4 or 6km/h. Docomo also calculates that somebody using their phone has 5% of their regular field of vision (by “calculates” we assume an old man threw that number out in a meeting and nobody dared challenge it).

Once the explanation’s over, four sets of people in four colours of pants face-off from each side of the crossing like a poorly-made GTA Tokyo mod. The lights turn to green and off they go, bumping into each other and bowing politely before getting straight back to their virtual farms.

The last screen shows the calculations for incidents during a single green light:

  • 446 collisions
  • 103 knockdowns
  • 21 dropped smartphones

We like the idea and it’s a fun way for Docomo to generate some attention but, besides the suspicious 5% vision statistic and the glaring lack of goats in the simulation, we already see about half the crowd using their phone every time we walk past Shibuya Crossing. It’s frustrating (especially when somebody bumps our phone…) but everybody using their phones really wouldn’t be close to the chaos shown here.


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