New Masked Teen Idol Band Combines Pop, Metal, Sheer Terror

ScreenHunter_228 Apr. 04 17.35

What seemed destined to be another in the long, never-ending march of Japanese teen pop idol bands has pulled ahead of the crowd, going from underground shows at department stores to a performance at the legendary Budokan in Tokyo in just three months… and they’ve done it all while wearing horrifying Michael Myers-style hockey masks.

How the group in question, Kamen Joshi (“Masked Girls” – how creative…*), manages to sing through the masks without sounding like they’re underwater notwithstanding, the girls, who combine pop, metal, rap and pants-wetting terror, are doing pretty well for themselves despite the unorthodox gimmick.

It’s obvious the group is heavily inspired by Lady Gaga’s shenanigans, and the studio that birthed them is probably attempting to cash in on the surprising success of elder pop/metal idol group Baby Metal, but we’re glad for the media attention – the better for us to keep track of where they are, lest we turn a corner one day and unexpectedly encounter a large mob of be-masked pop idols/Silent Hill villains.

ScreenHunter_227 Apr. 04 17.29

Readers can surely expect a Kamen Joshi-themed arcade shooting game in the near future, as per the current idol group trend.

* The main group is technically called “Alice Juban,” who perform as a rotating roster of girls pulled from a larger pool of costume-themed groups called Kamen Joshi.


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