Family Mart Store to Install Karaoke Booths

You can already buy almost anything at Japanese convenience stores, surprisingly tasty food, medicines and – with a passable level of Japanese – tickets for concerts, sports and even international flights. In what appears to be a bid to get people to actually live at their local conbini, soon we’ll even be able to add karaoke sessions to that list.

Thompson was delighted to hear the news (pic: Shutterstock)

Thompson was delighted to hear the news (pic: Shutterstock)

In a collaboration with Karaoke Club DAM that may force us to update our “12 Crazy Things You Can Buy in a Japanese Convenience Store” to 13, Family Mart is planning to open a store with self-service karaoke booths on April 17th. The outlet, situated near Kamata Station’s south exit, will serve as a regular 24-hour conbini, but with the added option of belting out a few quick power ballads while you pop in to pay your bills.

The development seems to be good news for karaoke lovers as food and drink from the store can be taken inside the booths (closed only between 5am-10am), most likely making for a cheaper night than regular venues. The only question that remains is whether they’ll station the booths next to the alcohol to entice drunken customers or by the cash registers as potential impulse buys.

Via: Japan Trends


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