Hug Squad: Japanese Students in Beijing Aiming to Ease Tensions With China


Anyone who’s lived in Tokyo for a while will be familiar with the sight of cheerful young people holding signs for “free hugs” in Harajuku, but a group of Japanese students in Beijing have decided to export the practice in the hope of easing tensions between their countries.

The group held placards with the Chinese characters for “China-Japan Friendship. Hugs Squad” at a sakura festival, successfully attracting thirty people to accept the offer during the half hour they were there. According to Jiji Press, “While asserting China’s ownership of the Japanese-administered Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, one 58-year-old from Jilin Province in northern China accepted the offer of a hug with delight.”

In relations with China and Korea, many leading Japanese politicians have proved themselves to be blindly nationalistic at best and racist at worst; along with the recent anti-racism demonstration in Ikebukuro, the “Hugs Squad” is another example of ordinary Japanese people rebuilding the bridges burned by their leaders.


Via: Shanghaiist

2 thoughts on “Hug Squad: Japanese Students in Beijing Aiming to Ease Tensions With China

  1. I object to your pro China bias and unjust suggestion that Japanese leaders may be closet “racist”.

    For your information, Japan is a peaceful democracy-NOT an expansionist nuclear power like China, who is trying to rule Asia by claiming Japanese, Taiwan and Philippine territory to justify an invasion.

    Japan did not invade Tibet, kill Uygurs, persecute Falun Gong, murder people at Tiananmen Square, invade Philippine waters and v block ships or threaten war over Senkaku-which belong to Japan-not China!

    You can’t “hug” an expansionist leopard: it will never change it’s spots-only its strategy and tactics.

    I am tired of naive, ignorant, biased people demanding endless serial apologies from Japan based on things alleged to have happened 70 years ago-long before 90% Japanese people today were even alive!!! China will never be satisfied with apologies; they want the Senkakus, they want Taiwan, and they want part of the Philippines!

    No nation that wallows in self hatred and self contempt for its past can be a great nation. Anti Japanese pacifists are naïve and ignorant!

    Why don’t you talk about S Korean war crimes in Viet Nam n or China oppression and murder of Tibet people, or China invading Philippine waters and blocking path of Philippine ships?

    You are hypocrites. Shame on you!!!

    • That’s right! There’s no racism in Japan. It is and has always been a peaceful nation and is entirely beyond reproach! It’s totally inappropriate to suggest that Japan, which is surrounded by utterly reprehensible nations with terrifying agendas and big pointy nukes pointed right at Tokyo could possibly have contributed at all to any tensions!

      The worst thing about your comment is that I don’t disagree with all of it. Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to actually say what I do agree with, because I can’t bear the thought of openly agreeing with someone whose point of view is stuck so firmly between unintentional hilarity and blind vitriol.

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