Hookup Website for Cheating Spouses is (Incredibly) Big in Japan

Real talk: When I first saw an ad for the cheating spouse hookup website, Ashley Madison, it was an ad on the sidebar of a porn streaming service. I’d always assumed from the start, then, that it was a scam of some kind designed to (literally) catch men with their pants down.

Turns out Ashley Madison is a legitimate service employed by millions of cheating spouses worldwide and the Japanese, in particular, can’t get enough of it.

"Shh, don't tell the Western media. They'll stop believing the "Sexless Japan" thing!" (Via Shutterstock)

“Shh, don’t tell the Western media. They’ll stop believing the ‘Sexless Japan‘ thing!”
(Via Shutterstock)

We have no idea how many Japanese users of the site were directed there via porn streaming ads, but seeing as women make up nearly a plurality of the users in Japan, we’d have to say Avid Life Media, Inc., the company that runs the service, might be advertising surreptitiously in women’s magazines.

So popular is the service in Japan, that Ashley Madison reports that Japan beat out every other nation the site operates in in reaching 1 million users, achieving the benchmark in just eight and a half months – or about as long as it takes an average Japanese woman to realize her new husband is horrible in the sack (zing!).

The site’s popularity in Japan is such that we wonder how soon we’ll start seeing stories of married couples accidentally finding each other’s profiles…

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