Tokyo Police Hunt “Duck-mouthed” Seductress


The Duck-mouthed Seductress

A woman in her 20’s, described unflatteringly in reports as “duck-mouthed,” is the subject of a Tokyo police manhunt after a series of incidents in which men are seduced then drugged and robbed.

Since October last year, several men have fallen prey to the duck-mouthed seductress, who accompanies her victim to their home or a love hotel before spiking their drink with sleeping pills and making off with their valuables once they pass out. One man, picked up in a noodle shop in Shibuya, had ¥300,000 ($3,000) stolen. Another lost ¥57,000 and a watch worth ¥500,000. It’s not been reported whether the bread cabinet of either of these victims was also plundered.

Besides looking like a walking, talking instagram selfie, Tokyo’s newest super-villain often wears a leopard-skin hat and claims to be a voice actress. A cursory check of Wikipedia’s comparison of bird beaks leads us to the conclusion that her bill is of the grain eating variety, with far-reaching implications for the investigation.

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