Video: 3 Fencing Champions Take on 50 Amateurs… At the Same Time

Although this segment aired over a year ago on Japanese television, the foreign media seems to have just unearthed it – a battle between three of Japan’s best fencing pros and 50 amateurs attacking simultaneously.

It’s a huge spectacle that sounds cool on paper but really just ends up being kind of… flail-y and unorganized; for the first few minutes at least.

We won’t spoil the ending for you, but things get pretty intense after the pros have cleared out the majority of the small army gunning for them.

Science-and-other-cool-stuff blog, io9, speculates that the seeming ineptness of the amateur horde must stem from some group mentality psychological phenomenon, but the website fails to account for one other glaring possibility: The Japanese media’s propensity for staging spectacles like this – an issue we’ve touched on before.

It would seem the crowd of amateurs’ best bet at winning would be an all-out bum rush on the three champs, attacking from many angles at once, but the amateurs opt to attack one at a time while the others sort of shuffle around aimlessly like they’re more concerned about what they’re going to have for dinner than winning the match.

We’re not saying the segment’s producers told the amateurs to throw the fight, but there definitely appears there were some ground rules laid out to make the pros look as cool as possible. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

One thought on “Video: 3 Fencing Champions Take on 50 Amateurs… At the Same Time

  1. those 3 are very very good, however, it appears that they only put cameras on the heads of the best of the amateurs, most of who are completely rubbish,

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