Suntory Wants to Buy You 100 Million Yen Worth of Drinks

Although we initially didn’t think the recent 3% consumption tax hike would be all that big a deal, we’ve actually noticed it starting to have an impact on our daily spending. Since things that used to cost exactly 100 yen now cost something stupid like 108 yen, we find ourselves avoiding small items we used to gladly buy whenever we had a spare 100 yen coin.

It’s all part of the Japanese government’s diabolical plan to weigh us all down with unmanageable amounts of one yen coins by making pretty much everything cost some wacky uneven number.

At least one company, though, feels our pain and is coming to the consumer’s rescue by buying a round or 10,000 for all of us!

ScreenHunter_240 May. 02 18.46

Suntory announced recently the unveiling of a new promotional campaign that offers to pay back the check for a night out at one of a number of participating pubs and bars. All you have to do is attach your receipt to a special form placed next to a participating location’s cash register and mail it in for a chance to win.

The beverage giant will pay back up to 100,000 yen (US$1,000) per receipt for winners, and an individual can enter an unlimited number of times – provided your liver doesn’t give out first.

The offer expires June 8, so that leaves you just about a month to get your drink on at time of writing. And for you cheapos out there, fret not: Suntory is shouldering the postage fee.

We are far too lazy to list the English names of all participating bars, suffice to say there are a ton of them. We’d venture to guess any location that primarily offers Suntory products is probably participating, but if you want to research in advance, you can check the Japanese listings in the Tokyo area here.


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