Video: Takashi Murakami’s First Feature Film Looks Insane

We have to admit that Takashi Murakami’s first ever feature film, Jellyfish Eyes, slipped under our radar when it first premiered in Japan last year.

But now that we’ve seen an updated trailer in preparation for the film and director’s U.S. tour throughout May and June, we’re wondering how we ever missed it. Sure, it’s clearly not as bizarre or nightmare-inducing as this, but it definitely makes one wonder where Murakami is getting his psychadelic drugs in substance-averse Japan:

Murakami, as one of the most influential Japanese pop artists of all time, clearly had a lot of free license to get as bizarre as he wanted to with the film, hiding an apparently poignant story about a Fukushima boy coping with his father’s death in the May, 2011 earthquake disaster beneath a bunch of crazy looking monsters fighting each other at the behest of school children.

The whole thing looks kind of like what might have happened if Meet the Feebles-era Peter Jackson were allowed to direct a Pokemon movie.

If you’re in the U.S. and are interested in checking the flick out during its short tour run, you can find tour dates at the film’s official English website here.

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