Proof That Farts are Still Comedy Gold in Japan

Seiji Matsushita, 55, is the undisputed master of farting in Japan.

He’s been featured on television shows and even sells his own fart sounds to video game and music companies. It’s safe to say the man has been farting for entertainment for a very long time – only, unlike other guys, he’s found a way to monetize it.

Matsushita describes himself as a “Fart Sound Art Creator,” which we bet makes for a really eye-catching business card.


He uses a specialized technique that he himself calls – and we are not joking – “anus breathing,” a term you might expect to hear on an episode of South Park, but Matsushita is dead serious. Collected and polite on television appearances, Matsushita takes the art of farting extremely seriously and he’s so deadpan when he delivers his fart performances, it almost seems like he’s not in on the joke.

Kotaku recently reported on a Matsushita television appearance not too long ago, proving once and for all that the Japanese think farting is hilarious – as do we.

We’ll just leave some video here of the fart master himself performing. Then we’re going to go find an eye wash.

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