Pocari Sweat to be First Beverage to Land on the Moon


Japanese beverage company Otsuka is set to make history with their unfortunately-titled drink Pocari Sweat. They boast that in October 2015 it will become “the first beverage in history to land on the moon,” a feat comparable with Tokyo Desu’s very own claim to being the first website to feature the sequence of letters ‘kqldsxum’.*

In what is the first private planned moon-landing, a specially-designed canister of Pocari Swear powder will be transported to the moon and left on its surface. Ironically, the project will be carried out by Astrobotic Technology, a company that usually develops technologies for clearing space trash, not creating more.

The capsule set to be transported

The capsule set to be transported (click to enlarge)

Along with Pocari Sweat powder, the dreams of children (cultivated via text message rather than dream catchers) will also be transported in the canister. Not to expose them as futile and meaningless folly by displaying them against the limitless backdrop of space – that’s merely an incidental benefit – but so future astronauts trained by Otsuka can one day open the canister with a special ring and remember their dreams:

“We created the DREAM RING as a key to open the capsule that will fly to the moon with your dreams. When you touch down on the moon someday, use your DREAM RING to open the capsule to reencounter your dreams from today. We will be overjoyed if you celebrated this by drinking the included POCARI SWEAT powder by mixing it with the moon’s own water.”

Concept video:


*Google it. We were the first. History happened here today, people.


Via: The Verge

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