Gallery: Japan’s Version of the “Totally Looks Like” Meme Nails it

The “Totally Looks Like” memes have been a staple of Western meme culture since, apparently, before the Internet even existed – spread at the time in paper magazines, whatever those are.

But the scrappy meme underdog, the Japanese Web, is just now getting around to realizing just how brilliantly hilarious two side-by-side pictures of things unexpectedly resembling each other can be. In Japan, the meme is called “Kanzen ni Icchi” (完全に一致 – or “Perfectly Matching”).

Although a lot of the pictures feature Japanese comedians, celebrities and anime characters mostly unknown in the rest of the world, the creative comparisons are still good for a laugh:

tll12 tll14 tll15tll2 tll3 tll5 tll7 tll9 tll10 tll16 tll17 tll18 tll19 tll20 tll21 tll22 tll23 tll24 tll25 tll26 tll27 tll28 tll29Via Naver Matome

H/T: Kotaku


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