How About this Free App of a Girl Awkwardly Staring at You?

You know we spend a lot of time trying to debunk the western media’s “HA! Look at those crazy Japanese!” yellow journalism, but once in a while something comes along from Japan that just can’t possibly be redeemed.

“Watching Cute Girl,” the now-free app that launched in 2012 is one of those things. It stars, as you might expect, a cute girl, but the rest of the app’s title is misleading because it’s her that’s watching you.


Literally, that’s basically all the app is: A barely interactive video of a girl staring at you. Once in a while she’ll say something like, “Good morning!,” “Have you eaten dinner?,” and “Feed me a stray cat.Perhaps the app’s greatest feature, however, is that the cute girl will sometimes, at random, shout “KOBAYASHI!” at you. There’s actually a tenuous marketing reason behind that bizarre function, but we think it’s a lot more hilarious with no background, so we’re not going to tell you.

The app’s producers say it’s currently working to add a function that takes a photo of you – again, at random – with your smartphone’s above-screen camera, because how could that possibly go wrong?

As you might expect, the app is primarily targeted at lonely, socially awkward males, which is why producers are using perennially lonely, socially awkward comedian Kendo Kobayashi (get it now?) as their spokesperson:

You can download the app here.

Photo via iTunes


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