5 Reasons Fans Of Street Fighter Should Watch “Assassin’s Fist”

Machinima just released Street Fighter – Assassin’s Fist, which you can watch here. This origins story delves into the background of Street Fighter II’s most iconic characters, the killer duo with an identical list of moves – Ryu and Ken.

Here are five reasons why every devotee of the original arcade epic need to watch this show.

1. The Fights are Amazing

The show is directed, written and choreographed by Christopher Howard – a martial artist capable of writing dialogue that doesn’t make you want to pour milk and cereal into your eyes. The fight scenes are epically staged and the CGI is well done, especially on those tricky exploding fireball numbers.

'Bromancing The Stone' was a running title at one point...

‘Bromancing The Stone’ was possibly a running title at one point…

2. The Music

The soundtrack features some of your favourite themes from the arcade game, lovingly restored and modernised by Patrick Gill. Here’s Ken’s original theme in case you sustained some kind of 16-bit concussion.

3. You’ll Learn the Japanese Names of All Your Favourite Moves

About 50% of the dialogue in the show is full-on manly Japanese (with subtitles). The upshot of this is that you can finally figure out the name and meaning of that flying spinny kick move you thought was called “Sub Dirk Churuurk Chek!!!”

Flame on!

Suck on this E.Honda!

 4. It Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

The show draws from a broad palette of emotive colours, sometimes it’s uber-serious, sometimes it’s like a send-up of 90’s action movies. Whilst the subject matter is pretty heavy at times, we’re reminded that these are guys doing ludicrous 12 metre jumps and throwing magic fireballs at each other. There’s also a vibe of postmodern fun permeating whole thing, which makes it far better than other origins stories.

A pretty postmodern scene where Ken (left) and Ryu (right) play a NES!

“Stop breathing fire, you dick!” – Ken and Ryu play on a NES

5. It Stars People Who Can Actually Act

We all lost part of our soul watching the inexplicable Van-Damme/Kylie crossover live action movie, and the misogynistic anime movies made most fans attempt Seppuku with their remote control, but thankfully Assassin’s Fist fares better with its performances. The cast really vivifies this adaptation, with the stunning Hyunri Lee deserving of extra praise. Despite a shaky start, the ensemble cast proves to be more reliable than E.Blanka in a corner.

Some really great performances in this show

Some really great performances in this show


BONUS REASON: Assassin’s Fist features our personal favourite ‘crazy old man’ 90’s Kung-Fu archetype: ‘incredibly racist Japanese old man’. Sure we met this guy in Tokyo…

01 niceScreen shot 2014-05-25 at 01.09.20

Watch it here.



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